Friday, November 29, 2013

10 Tips to Improve Your Customer Experience

At present, customers are not looking for great customer service - they want more. Customers today are demanding a great customer experience and not satisfied with anything less.It not good enough for companies to simply provide good service - instead, the company must create a wonderful no interaction with customers loyal helps build relationships and promote brand advocacy. Creating an unforgettable customer experience by creating a great experience that your customers will want to have their entire relationship with your company. This interaction occurs in a number of channels such as in person, by phone, e-mail, and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.Successful customer experience can be measured and continuously maintained some channels. Your customers have a unique experience. And, for it to be successful it needs to be clearly defined so that all your employees understand how to provide the experience you want to create for customers.

10 tips to improve your experience Customers Here are 10 ways you can improve and enhance your customer experience and increase your interaction with customers: Creating a very attractive customer experience will lead to a better relationship with customers not only generates consistent profits, but also build brand Promotes from current customers to help develop new areas of business. Explaining: A great customer experience with your company should be measurable, consistent, and easily understood and implemented by your employees. Do you define the basic elements that must be delivered to each customer? Document review experience of your customers and ask your employees if they understand what is expected of them. Make it simple: If experience is too complicated, your employees will have delivery problems without fail. Keep it simple. Do your employees understand what is expected of them? Are there too many rules? Consider relaxing barriers to your employees so that they can focus on creating an experience that creates positive results to customers rather than just following a list of rules. 

 Specify the channel: Customer Experience will vary by channel that customers use to interact with your company. In person and online experience is different and this should be reflected in the way companies approach their customers in every channel. Do your best experience varies by channel? If not, clearly outlines the experiences you want to create for each platform and point of contact with your customers. Overcoming emotional needs: Focus on customer experience management needs to meet the emotional needs of your customers. Do you understand the emotional needs of your customers? What do you do to ensure that their emotional needs? Make sure you interact with all levels of the organization: Creating the customer experience is a huge effort throughout the company. There must be consistent throughout the experience. 

Does your company have internal feedback processes in place? How do you know your customers a consistent experience? Applying the regular review process and gather feedback. Get your employees to buy: If your employees do not buy, your customer experience will suffer. If the employee does not buy in, often a sign that it is too complicated, or worse, irrelevant to the customer. What do you do to ensure your employees buy in and create a customer experience like? Talk to your customers: Ask your customers what they want. Be direct - ask them what your company can do to improve their experience. This conversation will help to build relationships. What can you do to better understand the emotional needs of your customers? Making feedback channel that will help you recover and respond to the emotional needs of your customers. 

 Try this: Before launching any new initiative, ask some of your customers to try to take your strategy and provide feedback. You'd be surprised what you learn and uncover some pieces missed. Plus you avoid the costs of a false start was not really resonate with customers. Narrow your focus: If you do not understand your ideal customer, then the experience you create for them will miss the target. Who are your customers? Do you have a perfect customer profile? What your customers want to engage in contact and interaction with your company? Offer incentives to customers to get their opinions through surveys and focus groups. Measure: Measure, measure, measure. If you do not have the tools in place to measure your customer experience, then you will not have the ability to improve and gain new insights. What tools do you use to measure? Develop a system to measure your customer experience.Creating very interesting customer experience will lead to a better relationship with customers not only provide consistent income, but also create brand support customer now to help develop new areas of business.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Improve Your Voice

Figure customer VOICEThe May salespeople is important. Telesales image is created by sound alone. No representation is dressed up to look, no glowing products to touch and tempt-only voice on the other end. However, both the phone system may be, the fact remains that the sound quality of the human voice part is lost through transmission, so that clients do not understand your meaning.To Allow heard words to be careful in his choice of words. Use simple words. Avoid jargon and local expression can not understand your clients. Speak clearly and use correct pronunciation. 

Accent can give you real help communicate because they are unique and can be heard the waffles very atttractive.Donot or attacking client. Cease to breathe. Cessation is essential. Do not talk in the same tone not only makes you sound boring and unethusiastic but can be misleading to the product you are lacking in substance as well. And a little color your sound. Expression is essential. Relax when you speak. Imagine you are talking with your friends. Your attitude is expressed by the way you talk to phone.Don not in a hurry call and use your sales strategy. 

Remain professional and smiling. A simple smile on the face of the salesperson reflects the sound and it really works.1. Act naturally be yourself.2. You will hear a pleasant smile and friendly.3. Have all the information handy.4. Be accurate and clear.5. Please professional.6. Give the customer what they need.7. It costs a lot of money to make the phone ring, so make full use of it.Golden Rules1. Give your name first.2. Say 'Good Morning' 0.3. Say 'thank you' for your time.4. Please friendly.5. Sit up straight which will give confidence.6. Focussed.7 fixed. Thoughts.8 you control. Focus on what the customer saying.9. Slowly.10 talk. Speak clearly and if necessary can spell anything unclear.11. Please confident.12. Please professional.13. Fixing yourself.14. Please Alert.15. Was in charge.16. Always Enthusiastic.17. Let your voice be melodies.18. Stress words to appeal to them.19. Please expressive.20. 

Speaking as if you were talking to a friend.21. Expectations.22 exceeded. Always hang up the phone after customers said done.Helpful and phrases1. You, your family2. Thank you for waiting3. New4. Save5. Proved6. Guaranteed7. Results8. Easy9. Money10. Love11. Safety12. Security13. Health14. I promise15. Pleasure16 me. The best thing I suggest17. Please contact me if you have use1 questions.Never. You never know, you're wrong, I agree, maybe it true.Out calls1. Please prepared2. Welcome3. Explain the purpose of the call and check to make sure that the customer understands and agrees that proceed.4. Talk to Holder5 Account. Listen6. Tanya-create Questions7. Restate Let the customer know you understand. Be sure to agree on what is being asked8. Set expectations-Let customers know what you can do and what you can do. Be clear and specific9. Digging further needs and get agreement10. Objections.11 handling. Manage all situations.12 challenging. Ask a decision13. To direct and easy to understand and confident14. Summing everything you said15. Say Thank you16. Follow up

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sales Recruiting - Why Performance-Based Recruiting Makes Top Performers Sales

Many recruiting ads and job descriptions include "knockout factors" that can actually filter out candidates who meet the terms of sale. An example is the requirement that a candidate has a degree bachelor's degree, bachelor, or a degree in a specialized area of ​​study such as Engineering. Another example is the requirement that candidates have a minimum number of sales recruiting ad experience.When my customers' and the job description includes the type of knockout factor, I'd have some fun with them. I said something like: (Name), I think that there are two candidates for your job opening sales. 

One of them has both a bachelor's degree and five years of experience in sales listed as a minimum requirement in your recruiting ads. Other candidates did not have a college degree, and he only has two years of experience in sales. But, he relates dozens of C-level executives are good prospects for your company's products and services. He can easily book appointments within the first fifteen weeks on the job. Which candidate would you choose? As you can guess, my customers always choose the candidate relevant. That was when I had to deliver the bad news: (Name), unfortunately you can not see this candidate, because he is being filtered by a factor I you want to improve the overall quality of your candidate pool sales, shift the focus of education and experience and towards performance-based measures. 

How do you measure the performance of salespeople during their thirty, sixty, ninety, and 180 days? What activities would you expect them to do? What results would you expect this activity to generate, and the time frame Here is an outline of the recruitment process that focuses on performance-based reasons: 1. Write Ad Performance-Based Recruiting: When you build your ad, consider the following questions: What types of companies or organizations are good prospects for products and services of your company? Your ad should reveal a preference for candidates who have existing relationships with these types of companies and organizations. Who are the most productive (office) for your sales force to call? Your ad should reveal a preference for candidates who have existing relationships with people who have that title, and / or proven ability to successfully prospect of people at the same level. 

 What specific production sales (such as pipe dollar volume, dollar volume of sales, etc.) that you expect to generate new selling during their first 90 days? It makes clear expectations with your recruiting ads! 2. Resume researching for Achievement: Smart seller know that selling results. When the prospect of salespeople, they talk to potential prospects about the results of their company will produce for customers. When they write a resume, they will write about the results they have produced and their other achievements (awards, recognition, etc.) 0.3. Perform Screening Phone Calls: For candidates with an interesting resume, schedule a 20-30 minute phone call screening. It will give you the opportunity to ask questions related to performance based on two key performance factors: candidate relations and their prospecting activities. Here is an example of a question call screening: Who do you know that can be an opportunity for our company's products and services? What is the relationship you have can be used for your appointment within the first few weeks on the job? What activities you normally put in your prospecting plan? What percentage of your time do you spend on each activity? What are the results of this activity is done for you in the past? How long does it take before you start making equal quotas at your current job?

4. Qualified Candidate Analysis: For candidates who pass the phone screen, collect objective information about their talent through specialized sales assessment tests. The most effective sales assessment test beyond personality and behavioral analysis and behavior characteristics such as level of education and talent candidates to ask in-depth questions and selecting important information from answers.5. Interviewing men: Now you're ready to do a thorough, performance-based interview. Why? Look at the information collected! For each candidate interview, you should have at your fingertips: A resume that lists key achievements Performance based on information collected during the screening phone calls Objective information about important talent for sales successIf ask you a question based on performance and clearly outline your expectations for sales performance of new employees, you will attract fewer poor candidates , as some de-select themselves. 

You also attract stronger candidates, because they could be screen by invalid "knockout factors". The end result will be a steady increase in the quality of your overall sales organization.Copyright 2005-2008 - Alan Rigg