Thursday, March 14, 2013

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Step by Step

Even if you have a great looking kitchen, consider painting kitchen cabinets with some minor scratches or marks on it. Painting kitchen cabinets is a relatively easy project that can add life to the cabinet needs to take in the looks department, but that operate perfectly well.




TSP (trisodium phosphate)



Sandpaper (coarse and fine grit)

Artist ¹ s Tape

Primary (water or oil-based)

Oil-based paint (satin, gloss or semi-gloss)

2 1/2-inch Natural Bristle Brush

Paint Tray with Liners

Thin Roller Sleeves

Painting Kitchen Cabinets:

Step 1: Remove all drawers kitchen cabinet drawer, and some will just slide, others will need to tip forward or backward is taken from each side of the mountains or down-slide. Also take adjustable shelves before painting kitchen cabinets.

Step 2: Before painting kitchen cabinets, remove the doors and drawer pulls profitable. Put them and screw them in a small plastic bag. If you ¹ re installing new hardware, measuring the hole so that you buy the correct size. When you remove the doors and drawers, as with a permanent marker. At the door, enter the number on the back of the hinge that won ¹ t show when you put it back hinge, drawer, mark the bottom.

Step 3: Wash the inside and outside of the kitchen cabinet with warm water and TSP. Don ¹ t forget to clean the shelves and drawers you removed earlier. Let the surface dry after rinsing. Fill dents and scratches in wood filler, then sand the surface lightly. Tape off the parts you do not want painted. Also recording paper to the table and floor.

Step 4: Prime all interior surfaces painted kitchen cabinets first. Because of the only shows when opening doors or drawers, just need to paint the trim so far. A miniature roller helps in the corners. Use a brush to get the surface ¹ drawer face.

Step 5: Use a roller to coat the kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen cabinet sides and removable shelf. Paint the edges first and then immediately paint over the broad direction of the grain of any kind.

Step 6: Paint the cabinet face frame with a brush. Be sure to paint in the direction of any fibers. Paint each side of the interior first, and then the outer surface of the kitchen cabinets.

Finish painting the kitchen cabinet:

Once the preparation is complete, start painting the kitchen cabinets with the first layer of paint, follow the same steps after 24 hours. If a second coat is needed, then paint another 24 hours. Once the paint is dry, install your hardware, doors and drawers in your newly painted kitchen cabinets.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The consumer to get the debt under control

Said a recent report released by the Bank of England for the first time on record buyers England decided to reduce household debt during the month of December.

It is possible that these figures show a shift in consumer spending and the desire for personal finances in shape for next year. Christmas trading period is a difficult time for a number of other street retailer Game Group, Dixons and HMV all reported disappointing trading update.

Although the food retail giant Tesco provided under the average Christmas and stated that the core UK business is struggling in a competitive environment. However, despite constant headwinds, customers seem to have an appetite for technology.

In China, the U.S. conglomerate Apple has made headlines after an incident in its very first store in Beijing. Customers who queued overnight to get their hands on the new iPhone, the 4s. Unfortunately the store failed to open on schedule and angry shoppers pelted buildings with eggs and shouted at employees. China is not the only country with following the latest cutting-edge products and Apple has created a strong brand and established the existence of a growing market.

To further develop the business Apple recently announced the appointment of chief executive Dixon, John Browett, the new head of retail. It is likely that Mr Browett expand the success Apple has enjoyed since opening its first store in the UK in 2004.

However, Mr Browett not only successful British export to Apple. FTSE 100 business Arm recently reported increasing range of numbers, supported by the strong growth of the smartphone market and a computer desk. ARM is a leading designer of microchips used iPhone and iPad, along with a number of other devices like the Samsung Galaxy. The group is not involved in the manufacture of microchips, but receive payment for the use of the design. Arm appears well placed for the future given the strong demand for technology products and business expectations can also take advantage of the emergence and growth of smart TV households.

Looking across the Atlantic, the headlines in the technology sector's announcement that Facebook is set to float. Popular social networking company is well-known story and a lot of people in the UK use this service. There's a lot of excitement in the Float and the value of $ 100 billion be put into the business.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Zara Lane joined the Grant Thornton team Yorkshire and the North East

ZARA Lane joined the Grant Thornton North East Yorkshire and the advisory team as associate director in the office of the company based in Grey Street in Newcastle.

Lane finance specialist company has established a strong track record of leading consultants in the North East market, working in different sectors, and with a variety of clients from SMEs and private equity house large corporations.

After graduating from the University of Newcastle, he began his career in 2002, training with PwC in Newcastle and later worked in teams to service transactions. In 2006, Lane joined unw corporate finance team where he spent six years in the lead advisor.

In his new role, Lane will work with Grant Thornton North East Yorkshire grow and advisory team, built a strong reputation in the region, led by partners Joe McLean and Ian Marwood. Lane is committed to developing the company offers corporate finance.

He said: "Grant Thornton has established one of the strongest teams of consultants in this area a wide range of specialists and make sure that any stage in the life cycle of business, we have the experts to help. '